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Admission Process

Admissions in Dars-e-Nizami and other departments in this university occur in May of each year. And it is done before the date.

Admission Registration Form with Prospectus for Admission will be obtained from the office of MJSRG, after filling, the following academic details, Certificate, Student Card, and Other dues along with the relevant admission fee will have to be submitted to the office by the due date.

There are three photocopies required for each document at the time of admission. Also, check the original ID card and documents during admission.

  1. Passed exam certificate
  2. Student ID card or Be-form.
  3. Parents’ ID card
  4. Two witness ID card

Eligibility criteria

  • The student has to pass middle class for admission in Sanwia Aama (matriculation).
  • Sanwia Aama (matriculation) has to pass for admission in Sanwia Khasa (FA).
  • Sanwia Khasa (FA) has to pass  for admission in Al-Shahadat-ul-Aaliyah (BA)
  •  Must pass Al-Shahadat-ul-Aaliyah (BA) to admission in Al-Shahadat-al-Aalmiyah (MA)
  •  Certificates of all previous classes and their photocopies are required.
  • Students, who know Urdu reading and writing will be sufficient for admission to Tarjuma Tafseer. and Tameel-e-deen course.
  •  Admission to Fazil Arabic is required. Success in Matriculation and Secondary Special FA is required. Hasan Naat, Hasan Khatabat, Department of Handicrafts, Arabic, English Language, and Tajweed
  • Admission to recitation will be given to female students studying in the institution according to their ability and hobby.

Admission fees are required in any field whereas monthly fees are required for the selected course and the hostel students.

At the time of admission, books, cards, uniforms, and batches of each class will be provided to the student. While receiving the admission form from the office, also get the list of expenses. Admission and uniforms fees will not be refundable once paid.

Since the students living in the hostel, they are not charged full expenses but only a little amount of fee is charged and full or half of the financially weak students.

Expenditure is also tolerated by the institution and the esteemed friends spend it on the ongoing students as a charity for the welfare of their hereafter.  If the students give up their studies during the educational period, is a loss which is also a loss of religion, in which case the student’s guardian will have to pay the average expenses of the past months to the institution so that the money can be spent on a deserving student who is getting an education.

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