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Students of this institute are from remote areas, for whom accommodation is best arranged. It has established the best standard of all life facilities. Absolutely no charges are levied for accommodation and food and their related matters. Nevertheless, food is prepared and arranged following the principles of hygiene.

Also, the atmosphere of the Hostel is always filled with the fragrance of pure Sharia. At Hostel  Cooking is taught to students. From the preparation of the meal to the completion even during serving the meal, all staff remains active in reciting Zikrudrood Sharif. In this way, not only do the students get used to worshiping by the body and tongue, but there is also control over a useless conversation during work and until completion of education, female students develop self-confidence regarding household activities.

Spiritual Training

In Hostel Lectures on the importance of cleanliness are also given in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah and practical arrangements are also made. Also, on the one hand, it is customary to perform every task by the Sharia requirements of cleanliness; on the other hand, regular checking of all these matters is also done. Students are trained to adhere to the teachings and rules of Sharia, as well as gradual inner reformation. It starts with the lessons of the Naqshbandi series. The training of inner purity and self-purification is especially to fill the hearts with sincerity and light so that perseverance in religion and deeds become their nature. Some books of Sufism have also been included in the syllabus for the same purpose. Is also given and students are encouraged to study on their own. Apart from arranging regular gatherings for remembrance and contemplation, tahajjud prayers, night vigils, naafil prayers, and naafil fasts are also arranged and people are encouraged to commit by themselves. For example, in Shab-e-Barat and Shab-e-Qadr, a wide-ranging night vigil is organized, on Shab-e-Barat and Shab-e-Qadr, large-scale night vigils are organized in which hundreds of women from far and near participate. In addition, this series is continued on all odd nights of Ramadan At the end of these nights, breakfast is arranged for all participants. In addition, the days of ovulation, ie the 13th, 14th, 15th of every Islamic month and the six days of Shawwal, the fasts of 9th and 10th of Muharram, and the acquaintance of the students with the virtues and importance of Kawan are also included in this training. This process is continued even at night. At the end of these nights, sehri is arranged for all the participants.

Meeting and leaving process

The parents of the students will meet on Sunday. The meeting time will be from 9 am to Maghrib prayers. After Maghrib prayers and on any other day except Sunday, it will not be possible to meet the students. If the student’s headmaster couldn’t come to the meeting on the time on Sunday, then they can come to the next Sunday.

Don’t bother coming on Saturday without much need and don’t insist on opening the gate any day after sunset. The duration of the meeting with each student will be 20 to 30 minutes, it will be the responsibility of both the student and the headmistress to take care of the time, so that appropriate time can be given to each student. Bring along a card issued by the Jamia for the appointment. Without it the meeting would not be possible. Don’t insist to meeting in case of forgetting the card. Take care of rules and regulations to yourself.

During the meeting, the gentlemen refrained from smoking in the institution. Women should not bring small children with them except under extreme compulsion.

Rules and regulations

It is important to become the headmistress is the mahram of the student, the non-mahram person will not be the headmistress, and no one other than these persons can meet the student or will not be allowed to accompany students on vacation.

The institution will issue its card for the appointment which will be in the possession of the patron. The card for the meeting will be presented in the office. Without the card, even mahram will not be allowed to meet. Women will also be bound by this law. If the cards are accidentally forgotten at home, the staff will not be allowed to have a frivolous discussion

If you did not secure the card and a non-compliant person came with the card to meet the student or to take with you on vacation or the student took the card from home and gave it to an unrelated person and that person card If brought, the institution will not be responsible for this situation. In case of any possible mishap, the entire responsibility will be placed on the parents and the parents of the institution and the student due to ignoring the rules of the institution and causing disrepute. It will also be authorized to take legal action against the student, except in case of any suspicious situation.

Measures have been taken to protect your honor and true daughter, so respect them and cooperate fully with the institution.  Issue two cards. Keep the card very secure. In case of loss of the card, reports to the office immediately so that the dangers can be save in advance.

Instead, we will satisfy the staff in this matter. 8. In case of extreme emergency or tragedy, if the student is taken by any other mahram person or close female relative besides the registered card holder mahram persons in the institution. He is compelled to bring his original National Identity Card and the cardholder’s written permission of the Muharram with the card issued in the name of Muharram or provides proof of permission in a credible manner. Otherwise, in any case, the student will be subject to legal action. Sometimes ignoring the moral laws  in depression’s time become a prelude to the troubles of others.

Please consider all these rules as a mercy for yourself and avoid being emotional.  If a student’s relationship or character is already suspicious and the parents knowingly leave her in the hostel knowing everything, then the institution will take action against her.

If more than 3 female students from the same family or area enter the house, then with the unanimous decision and consent of the guardians of all the female students, one or the female guardian can take all the female students along on the occasion of vacation. For this, a separate permission is given to the headmistress of each student.


Guardian (Elderly person) has to fill up the form and get it from the office (B form will also be received from the office) Method for hostelized female students, meeting

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