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Library & Facilities

This Jamia has a unique Library & Facilities For the Students. Islam provides a great impetus for humans to pursue knowledge. The first verse revealed from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Iqra, which means “to read”. So This Jamia has a beautiful Library. Including curriculum and extracurricular, commentary on each school of thought, principles of commentary, hadith, and principles of hadith, biography of the Prophet, jurisprudence, fatwas and beliefs, lexicon, mysticism, syllabus of all grades of teaching, an ample collection of textbooks, In Library Thousands of books on various topics have been provided to quench the thirst for knowledge of scholars and professors.


Library Rules

It will be necessary to take care of literature, respect, love, equality, and empathy in the university. No student will be allowed to bring any magazine here. The institution itself will provide newspapers and useful magazines and journals, as well as standard books in the library. The use of mobile phones and cameras is strictly prohibited in the Jamia Premises and during Jamia Ceremonies.


  •  Unique leadership
  •  Experienced qualified staff
  •  Monthly progress Report
  •  Checking class performance And Attendance Report.
  •  Providing the best study Material
  •  Individual Attention
  •  Developing work Habits
  •  Spiritual training
  •  Monthly tests And Send-up Examination
  •  personality Grooming And Character building
  •  Teachers, parents, And Students Counseling
  •  Regular Reporting to the parents/ Parent-Teacher Meetings
  •  curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
  •  Tutorial Groups
  •  Tuck shop book shop

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